Fri 4may–Capp Smith Park Amphitheater, Watauga Masterworks Series, 7p

Watauga, Texas- Bring the family out to a fun, free night at the park. There will be food, bounce houses & a live performance by the band, Petty Theft, a Tom Petty Tribute Band. This concert is a part of the Master Works Series brought to you by the Arts Council Northeast and the City of Watauga.


Capp Smith Park

5800 Block of Robin Drive

Watauga, TX 76148



Through the Master Works Series, Arts Council Northeast and the City of Watauga present free performances on selected evenings throughout the year. The MasterWorks Series is designed to offer a variety of quality family entertainment to the community by utilizing the talent of local, regional, and national artists.

Since 2003 Petty Theft has drawn huge crowds to all sorts of venues and events, with a slavish devotion to the music of Tom Petty in all its formswith the Heartbreakers, solo, with the Traveling Wilburys, whatever shape it may take; if it has his fingerprints on it somewhere, it’s in play for Petty Theft. Getting it right and playing it tight is what Petty Theft does, rolling out timeless big hits one after another, with lesser hits that will make you think ‘Man!–I’ve not heard that in years!’, and a sprinkle of deep tracks and songs by other artists Petty has been connected with through the years.


There are approximately nine natural springs located within the confines of the lake area.  Now that the lake is filled, these springs enable the lake to retain a controlled depth and temperature for aquatic life.  The lake is stocked with a variety of fish and if you choose to fish we encourage ‘catch and release’.

No motorboats are allowed other than for rescue and maintenance activities.  Aside from remote controlled boats, boats of any sort will not be allowed except during City sanctioned classes and events.

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